How to learn Web Development? (Resource)

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And welcome to my another episode about how to learn web development. In this part, I’ll share some useful and must needed resources to learn web development. As web development is a creative work, you will not get 100% guideline to complete a project. You’ll just find some knowledge base and realization stage guide line from any course or any tutorial. So you have to apply your own creativity using these knowledge to be a good web developer and later good to great web developer. Event I’ll not show you 100%. In-fact it’s not possible to transfer any kind of knowledge from a person to another. It’s not like a therapy, you know. So, let’s see what kind of resources is important for you and where to find these.

Meaning of Short Form (Tag): From my point of view application development field like website, software and game are the only three field where most of the things are described in tags. You will find all the sentences and words as short as possible. So first of all you need to understand the meaning of all kind of tag and short word meaning. For an example you will find three short form of sentences and word in a domain/url (Uniform Resource Locator).
See, I have already used a short form called “URL”. Anyway, in a domain you will find three short tags.

  • HTTP/HTTPS: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol/Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secured
  • WWW: World Wide Web
  • .COM: (Extension): Commerce/Company/Community/Computer (There are some difference of opinion for this name.)

So, hope you understand, how important it to know the full meaning of a short sentence or what does a word stand for.

Now there may have a question in your mind, “Where will I find the list containing such kind of tags meaning?”
It’s quite easy to find these kind of stuffs. You just need to use your searching skill on search engines like Google. just type some keywords or a sentence on the google search bar and hit on the search button. Then you will find thousands of reference relating your keywords. For an example, if you want to know the meaning of “www”, just type “What is the meaning of www” or “Full meaning of www” on your google search bar and hit on the search button. you will find a lot of answers about “www” google. Just consider the top rated site’s article as the best information and visit there. That’s it.

Note that Wikipedia is the best website to find any kind of information and everybody consider it as the most reliable encyclopedia. So always try to follow the Wikipedia reference.

Programming Languages/Codes: In my Introduction tutorial, I’ve mentioned that to learn web development you must learn programming/coding. Don’t you know really where to learn programming/coding? Alright, It’s not a problem. Programming/coding is a opensource subject to learn. So, don’t worry about it. Almost every programmer/coder prefers to learn and practice programming languages. You will find almost all the needed programming languages that you will need to know in So, click on this link to visit and bookmark this link on your browser so, that you will able to find the link later. Beside there so many website in the internet to learn programming languages as well. So if you search for those sites on google you will find over thousands.

YouTube: YouTube is really a great platform to learn anything. I always appreciate YouTube to learn anything and suggest others to search for there required information on YouTube. I thing YouTube is a time saving and practical class room. So always try to search for any information on YouTube.

Content Marketplaces: As you are asking that how to learn web development, you must need to know about some virtual product (Template, Banner, Plugins etc.) marketplace, which is very useful and essential for every web developer. There are so many content marketplace in the internet but I always prefer, Envato Market. Here you can buy and sell any kind of web applications, designs, documents easily. themeforest and codecanyon are the sites of Envato Market which was specially established for web development purposes. They have some another concern like videohiveaudiojungle, graphicriver, photodune and 3docean. Beside envato market, there are so many marketplace website for content as well like TemplateMonster, Creative Market and so on. I’ll try to write a separate article only about the content marketplace later.

So these are some valuable source for a beginner who want to know how to learn web development. If you are interested to learn web development, visit all of these sites I’ve mentioned above and learn the things that you need to improve your skill. From my next post I’ll start to show you how to develop a complete website using CMS. I’ll first use WordPress and after complete the full series of WordPress Website development I’ll switch to the following CMS Opencart, Magento, Prestashop, Joomla, Drupal and more other open source CMS.

So, stay connected with me and follow all my posts and video tutorials about “How to learn Web Development”. I’m damn sure, you will be benefited somehow. So don’t miss this chance, alright? Take care and Goodbye for now.

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