Where to and how to start the beginning

Where to and how to start the beginning?

Today I’m going to say something for the newbie, specially who are about to start their professional career in their preferred field. Most of the people suffer from frustration at the eve of their career. They don’t know where to start their work and how to make sure that it has properly done.

I’m not claiming myself as a specialist or motivator at all. I’m just writing this article based on my personal experience. I’ll share what kind of obstacle and trouble I have faced and how I have overcome these, that’s it. And my thinking is that everyone have to face the same problem at the beginning of their career. I’ve got this theory by hearing from others story and found a lot of similarities from their experience with mine as well.

Well, let’s learn about Where to and how to start the beginning of career.
  • Mindset: The first thing is needed to start is your mindset. If you are determined to conquer something and try heart and soul, you must get success. So, to start a profession, first you have to choose a field where you find your self satisfaction. Always remember, either take your profession as your passion or turn your passion as your profession. Otherwise in just few days, you will be demotivated from your profession.
  • Learn and Learn: See, I had mentioned the word “Learn” twice here. Do you know why? Because to do any work accurately, you will need to be good at on it first. So the importance of learning is immense here. Keep learning about preferred field even each and every little object even of your till death.
  • Practice and Repeat: Practice today what you learnt yesterday and repeat this tomorrow. How beneficial is it? It’s inconceivable. You must hear about a proverb, “Practice makes man perfect”. So, if you practice a thing twice you will be able to solve the previous mistakes and complete that more accurately. It will be bound in twice, not like that. You have to practice again and again until you can solve it without any single mistake. If you follow this theory regularly, I swear that you will be initiate a perfect and polished project every time.
  • Presentation and Communication: When you will realize that you are now capable to take any kind of responsibility, go for improving your presentation and communication skill. This is a must needed quality to get any kind of deal. If you are unable to describe what do you know actually, how can it be possible for others to judge your quality? So, make sure that you have a good quality over presentation and communication.
  • Working Environment: Always keep the place in a working environment wherever. Make sure that the people you are surround by are concern about you and your vision. Try to get in touch with people who are belong to your profession. If you maintain and follow all these things regularly and properly, hope you will be able to shake off all your frustration to start your career.

Never think about how to earn money, think about how to develop yourself with full of skill and qualities. Finally I will like to end this article with a speech again.

Either take your profession as your passion or turn your passion as your profession.

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