How’s Our Very First Radio Interview

Audio archive of #Backstage on Radio Dhol 94.0 FM

We the Search English founders were invited for a radio interview today at Radio Dhol 94.0 FM. Before I write my experience I should mention that it was a group interview and my first ever radio interview to date.

This was a special show as part of the celebration of our Founder & CEO, Razib Ahmed‘s selection as fellow for the Facebook Community Leadership Program. The host Abdullah Al Mehedi is an old industry colleague of ours. So it was quite comfortable for me and my fellow co-founders Razib Ahmed and Neyamot Ullah Mohan to be adjusted with.

Right before starting the show

How’s The Whole Radio Interview?

It was a 2 hours long show from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM local time here in Dhaka. And luckily it’s weekend here and we could reach the studio earlier. Since the host was our industry colleague, we exchanged our greetings and had some photo session before starting the show. I immediately published a post on my Facebook profile to inform our audiences.

Razib Ahmed started as the first story teller in the interview and shared some highlights of our journey as a startup, getting positive responses from our community members, success stories we’ve got so far and achievements of Search English, specially the Facebook Community Leadership Program.

When It Came To My Turn?

Right after the first break, it was then my turn to share my words and shed some lights to our technical developments. I started with sharing the technology we’ve developed and opened for users so far. Our website, self-learning courses, webinar platform, reading portal, more or less everything we have were covered. I’ve also given a sense of what type of tech products for the future we’re currently working on. With that, my first round wrapped up followed by Neyamot Ullah Mohan.

He shared about the challenges exists in building career for millions of youth in Bangladesh right now. We have a ton of skilled man power in various field but they are not getting the right job for lack of communication skills over English he addressed.

After another break, microphone spines around for one more time, we three shared more facts and fictions in between.

Right before the final countdown, we brought one of our group members on-air who came to meet us from all the way Dinajpur. He shared how he’s been being benefited from Search English.

How’s My Experience?

In a word, it was immense pleasure to get a floor and share my thoughts with audience who were in touch with us for couple of years. I agreed for another episode for this show next month where we will likely to bring 7-8 success stories from Search English. After returning from the show, I tweeted my feelings and acknowledged the honor from Radio Dhol.

Also published a post on my Facebook page to acknowledge the honor.

That’s all for today, I’d love to share more stuffs happening around regularly. So, stay in touch till my next blog, may be tomorrow!

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